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>> More generally, I see that you used `{@code ... }` in a lot of places where 
>> `{@link ... }` could also be used. In some of those places (like this one) 
>> where there is a clear cross-reference, I think `@link` could be 
>> preferrable. The only case where `@code` is fine is when referring to the 
>> name of the class itself (e.g. `{@code StructuredTaskScope}`). But of course 
>> this is subjective.
> Also, note the typo `the join is invoked`. Either `the` is dropped, or 
> `method` is added. I've seen more than one occurrence of this.

It should be "before join is invoked". It doesn't use a link here because it 
already links to join and joinUntil in the previous sentence.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8787

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