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>> test/jdk/java/util/HashMap/WhiteBoxResizeTest.java line 360:
>>> 358:                         throw new RuntimeException(e);
>>> 359:                     }
>>> 360:                 })
>> These probably need a `mapField.setAccessible(true)` call, or a `VarHandle` 
>> for the `HashSet.map` field.
> Yes, this test fails with IllegalAccessException. Probably it's easiest to 
> use a VarHandle to get private fields, similar to other usage already in this 
> test.
> This test case is a bit odd though in that it's supposed to test HashSet and 
> LinkedHashSet but it mostly actually tests HashMap. It creates the Set 
> instance and immediately extracts the HashMap, which is then passed to the 
> actual test, which operates directly on the HashMap. It would be preferable 
> to create a Set; add an element (so that it's properly allocated); and then 
> make assertions over the Set (which involve extracting the HashMap, etc.) It 
> seems like there should be factoring that allows this sort of arrangement to 
> be retrofitted without adding too much complication.
> Finally, please add "8284780" to the `@bug` line at the top of this test.

@stuart-marks I refactored the tests. please have a look.

@stuart-marks 8284780 added.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8302

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