Hi Brett,

On Thu, 17 May 2018 10:54:27 -0400
Brett Cannon <br...@python.org> wrote:
> Since both Paul Moore and Antoine Pitrou started to ask questions about a
> side comment I made about VSTS, I might as well start a discussion (Steve
> has also *just* emailed python-committers about this topic).

The main thing that worries me is that VSTS (the service, perhaps not
the basic infrastructure) is a very new thing and we don't have any
visibility over its continuity, its capacity, its robustness, etc.

Travis-CI and AppVeyor, with all their defaults, have been in this
space for some time, have a lot of existing customers and we can expect
some amount of stability in the future (of course, there's no

So I'd like it if didn't ditch *all* of the non-VSTS CI.  Not for now
anyway, we can of course revisit the decision in 2 years :-)



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