Hi all,

I'm dealing with a rare situation where all audio in macOS drops out for a few 
seconds.  It may have started around 10.11.

Sometimes my audio app receives a chain (10+) of kAudioDeviceProcessorOverload 
notifications during the drop out, other times there is no indication of an 
issue (except the audio glitching/dropping out on the speakers).  The situation 
is rare: I receive a few monthly reports of it.  However, as my app is used 
during live dance events, it's catastrophic when it happens.

I'm fairly certain the issue is issue isn't in my app (due to other 
applications being affected).  Just to be sure, I audited all library functions 
called during my audio render callback:

OSAtomicIncrement32() // Used when a kAudioDeviceProcessorOverload since we 
can't call dispatch_async()

The only thing I can think of is that AudioUnitRender() is trying to take out a 
Assuming the issue isn't in my app, is there a way to enable logging at the 
coreaudiod or kernel level?  I'd like to file a bug report about this, but I 
have no data.  When it happened on my test machine, there was nothing relevant 
in Console.


- Ricci

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