Greetings Gods of the core audio,

I presume this question has been asked quite a bit, but for all of my
googling I cannot find a definitive answer from apple.

I need to:
Capture sample data from all input sources on the iPhone simultaneously.

Just to be entirely clear:
I need to get a buffer with raw samples from the top microphone, and a
buffer from the front, or rear, also the microphone on the earphone
piece.  This buffer should be be delivered as close to real time as
possible.  The AVFoundation way of callbacks is just fine.

I would like this to work iOS 7+ but, current version would be fine as well.

I cannot find an appropriate way of making this happen.  IOS seems to
restrict data to only one input source.

Is there *no way* I can get samples from different microphones?

I've tried the AVFoundation.  I've tried AudioUnits.

I am thinking to try (but each has less and less of a chance of
success, with more and more work):

1.  Select a route+device+source using AVFoundation, open a device
using OpenAL, then select a different pathway+source and open another
OpenAL device.  Perhaps this will override the 1 input path
restriction of AVFoundation?

2.  This AUGraph thing, it seems to me to be just a means of inserting
workers in the audio chain.. But maybe there is some hidden
functionality to select a source for an audio input?

3.  Maybe OpenAL has some way of selected sources of inputs, which
might work under iOS?



-Tim of the humble humans
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