> I am pretty sure there is. According to one discussion on this list,
> for example AudioOutputUnitStop() waits until a rendering cycle ends
> in case it's called from outside of the audio thread. Which means
> CoreAudio has proper synchronization mechanisms in place.

That is interesting. I’ll try to find the discussion.

> In my opinion the benefits of having an AUGraph in advanced audio apps
> are minimal. Even TAAE has switched to pure non-AUGraph architecture
> in its 2.0 rewrite. You have to get synchronization right of course,
> but at least you will not be dealing with a poorly documented black
> box.

I don’t know what you mean by advanced audio app. For my current use case I am 
satisfied with AUGraph in terms of API and functionality. Documentation is 
sparse as always but sufficient enough. I even dare to say that it is the Core 
Audio API that caused the least of my confusions. It might make sense for TAAE 
as a wrapper to omit another wrapper layer, of course.
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