Hello list,

This is my first post here so sorry if this is already asked!

We have been using ExtAudioFileWriteAsync on iOS successfully to write two PCM 
Audio Streams to disk. We have been getting reports from users nagging on 
sudden audio drop outs on some [older] devices and during “performance”. We 
managed finally to find the root of the problem to the thrown 
kExtAudioFileError_AsyncWriteBufferOverflow exception which means (probably?) 
that ExtAudioFileWriteAsync is not keeping the pace with the system writing to 

So I believe we must use lower level calls here (?).

What would be an alternative for ExtAudioFileWriteAsync?

I have been looking at Audio Queue Services for months but 
documentation/examples are so old that it keeps me away from it… or should we 
dive in?

Thanks in advance,

Arshia Cont
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