One minute sounds definitely WAY too long.
I cannot imagine the V3 API has a new implementation from scratch, it probably 
encapsulates the V2 C API.

What you could do is to write a quick & dirty test app, and build your graph 
using AVAudioEngine and AVAudioUnitSampler, and load your SoundFonts there, to 
see if there is a difference.

I don’t know your code but I have 2 unfounded suspicions. Maybe there is a 
glitch that causes the problem; especially those C data types in Swift can be 
tricky. Or you have a SoundFont issue. I remember the AUSampler has 
difficulties with complex SoundFonts. Either way, a test project with 
AVAudioEngine could reveal something.

If you like you can send your test project to me to help troubleshoot the issue.


> Am 21.02.2018 um 22:54 schrieb Timothy Erdmer <terd...@pgmusic.com>:
> With 8 tracks and the 2 MB soundfont, my AUGraph is taking about a minute to 
> initialize, and about 10 minutes for the 31 MB soundfont. This would be 
> doubled if 16 tracks were implemented.
> If your assumption about the single preset being loaded for the 
> AVAudioUnitSampler is correct, I may experiment with moving my project from 
> the AUGraph and AudioUnit MIDISynth to an AVEngine and AVAudioSampler 
> configuration, especially if MIDI functionality past note on/off messages is 
> unsupported. 
> Would it be safe to assume that the AVEngine is just faster than the 
> soon-to-be-deprecated AUGraph?
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