Does anyone have experience with how long the Management Engine's
"Power Down Mitigation" timer is on Skylake?  My Chell Chromebook
with modified ME firmware reports this on bootup / S3 resume:

ME: FW Partition Table      : BAD
ME: Bringup Loader Failure  : YES
ME: Firmware Init Complete  : YES
ME: Manufacturing Mode      : YES
ME: Boot Options Present    : YES
ME: Update In Progress      : YES
ME: D3 Support              : YES
ME: D0i3 Support            : YES
ME: Low Power State Enabled : YES
ME: Power Gated             : YES
ME: CPU Replaced            : YES
ME: CPU Replacement Valid   : YES
ME: Current Working State   : Unknown (15)
ME: Current Operation State : M0 without UMA but with error
ME: Current Operation Mode  : M0 without UMA
ME: Error Code              : Preboot
ME: Progress Phase          : <NULL>
ME: Power Management Event  : CM0PG->CM0
ME: Progress Phase State    : Unknown phase: 0x0f state: 0xff
ME: Power Down Mitigation   : YES
ME: PD Mitigation State     : Issue Detected but not Recovered
ME: Encryption Key Override : Workaround Applied
ME: Encryption Key Check    : FAIL
ME: PCH Configuration Info  : Changed
ME: Firmware SKU            : Unknown (0x7)

It's been up for almost two hours without shutting down.
The only drawback so far is that FSP takes quite a bit longer
to complete.


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