On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 11:11:46AM -0700, Trammell Hudson wrote:
> When cross compiling inteltool with musl-libc the <sys/io.h> header
> is not included due to this test in inteltool.h:
> #if defined(__GLIBC__)
> #include <sys/io.h>
> #endif
Same story on other platforms: sys/io.h[1] is implemented through
i386_iopl(2)[2]/amd64_iopl(2)[3] and sysarch(2)[4] on OpenBSD.

Many tools under util/ are developed with Linux/glibc in mind (only).

> Unfortunately I'm not sure what the right test is here, since
> the musl libc team is opposed to having a __MUSL__ define:
> http://openwall.com/lists/musl/2013/03/29/13

1: http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man2/iopl.2.html
2: http://man.openbsd.org/OpenBSD-6.0/./man2/sysarch.2
3: http://man.openbsd.org/OpenBSD-6.0/./man2/i386/i386_iopl.2
4: http://man.openbsd.org/OpenBSD-6.0/./man2/amd64/amd64_iopl.2

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