On 9/2/19 10:03 AM, Sami Kerola wrote:
[...] I don't see any problem adding --interactive long
only option.

a) Bloat:
Apart from the --parents option, rmdir(1) is just a simple
wrapper around rmdir(2).
Just recently I've been asked (off-list) why src/true.c needs
to have 80+ lines while 3 lines would be enough.

b) Alternatives:
The case is trivial enough to have some little prompt wrapper around it.
E.g. a bit contrived but works:
  $ xargs -p rmdir DIR </dev/null
  rmdir DIR ?...y

c) As Kaz already wrote: it's easy enough to re-create an empty directory
which has been deleted accidentally.

d) My personal opinion: I'm not in favor of those "do you really want to XYZ?"
questions - especially in the case one just explicitly told the tool exactly
to "do XYZ".  Similarly, one could argument why not to add it to sleep,
kill, cat, and so on.

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