On 9/11/19 10:29 AM, Lady Aleena wrote:
I thank everyone who got involved with my little wish. I did not mean
for it to explode like this. I am entirely comfortable letting the whole
idea drop since there appears to be little to no support for it. I was
just an idle wish that crossed my mind that I wanted to share.

Again, thank you for reading it and taking the time to respond.

I don't think this discussion "exploded".  Instead, I think asking
for such little wishes like you did is how free software works:
one has an idea, other share their thoughts about it.  And some of such ideas
are considered valuable or some even cool - and easy and overall worthwhile
to add - and therefore make it as a new feature into new versions of the
software.  In other cases like this, the discussion leads to a consent
that existing functionality or alternatives are deemed good enough.

So in this sense: thanks for asking. ;-)

Have a nice day,

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