Hi Philip,

>From what I remember it is only Urney parish (which lies in both Tyrone and 
>Donegal) that is available from the nationalarchives.ie site.  The old 
>Broderbund data CD of the Tithe Applotment Books on the other hand covers only 
>the present Six Counties of Northern Ireland.  I will do a look-up from my CD 
>if you or anyone else want me to but as I have suffered from depression for 
>many years it may take me some days to reply.

Rob Doragh

Liverpool UK

Sent: 07 August 2017 08:56
Subject:  Tithe Applotment Books Co Tyrone

Does anyone know  why Co. Tyrone has not been added to the Tithe Applotment 
Books on-line search facility at the  National Archives Northern Ireland 

When you click on “Browse the Tithe Applotment Books”, Co. Tyrone does not 
appear in the list of Counties.

Similarly, when I do a search in the Books for say Parish Lissan, Co. Tyrone, 
it comes up “No Results”.


Philip Strong
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