Hi there i was advised by the Web master to send this request to the
mailing list with a hope that anyone might be able to assist us in our
quest to find out information on the Urney cemetery.

 My wife's uncle and grand parents are buried in the Urney cemetery, i have
been through the list on your website to no avail.
There names are
Soloman Carson buried circa 1933
Matilda Carson buried circa 1946
David carson (son) buried circa 1954
we plan to bring back my wifes  father William (Bill) Carson's ashes to
rest alongside his parents and brother in May this year.
I have not been able to find anyone to discuss this further with. If
someone could put me in touch with anyone who might be able to assist us
with fulfilling Williams wishes we woyld be eternally grateful.

Kind regards
Allan Forrester
Melbourne Australia
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