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I have an ancestor James Kinsley, who on the 1851 census, gives his
birthplace as Omagh. He is in Newcastle at this time with his wife Mary and
children. The oldest child is eight.   There is a James Kinsley in the 1841
census living in Huddersfield, with a wife Mary, mother ? Juley and no
children. I can't find any other trace of Juley. There is also a James in
Liverpool in 1841 of similar age. I also have an Edward Kinsley joining the
69th Foot Regiment in Leeds in 1846. He gives his birthplace as Ballygawley.
He also gives his occupation as a shoemaker, the same as James did. I am
guessing they are brothers. It seems very few of the records for Omagh have
survived. I have been through the Tyrone website and I have found a couple
of Kinsley's, none of them seem related. I have also found some McKinley's.
I gather lots of Irish people changed their names after emigrating? My
mother was a Kinsley and is still around at 83. Would be nice to tell her
some more about her ancestor. Any ideas on how I can find out any more about

Regards (from a balmy 41 degree celsius day in Port Hedland) Barry


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