My Great Grandfather, Thomas Wilkinson, was born in Dungannon in 1853, Married to Margret (note spelling) O'Hara on 15 January 1875 in the 2nd Presbyterian Church, Parish of Drumglass, Dungannon, and died Clonlee Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast 24 October, 1926.

I am trying to push the family back to further generations but have hit the proverbial WALL.

Margret was born in Moy, Clonfeacle, Tyrone, 1851 but living at Gortshalgan (Dungannon) at the time of her marriage. Her parents were Charles O'Hara (1828, Dungannon - ?) and Sarah Lucas (1828, Tyrone-?) married 14 May 1850, Dungannon Second Presbyterian Church, Parish Of Drumglass, Dungannon, Tyrone. Sarah's father was Joseph Lucas and Charles' was Robert O'Hara.

On the Wilkinson side, much of the info comes from the family bible, but no mention of Thomas' siblings, if any. His parents were John and Sarah Wilkinson. Appears Thomas and Margret settled in Coolkill, Benburb, Co. Tyrone, but the records are incomplete and my grandfather is the only child of 8 who survived.

Family folklore has the Wilkinsons coming from York. So John may have been the first to arrive in Ireland, but I don't know. I can find no creditable reference to a John and Sarah emigrating in the mid 19thC to Ireland, I know they were there by 1953. Why would anyone move from York to Dungannon during the potato famine? Was there engineering work to be done? I and  my ancestors have a tradition of being engineers, but John Wilkinson was probably a farmer in 1850, or maybe not. Maybe there were several generation in Tyrone already.

I would like to hear from anyone interested in the Wilkinson, O'Hara, Lucas lines, and the movement (plantation?) of Yorkshire Wilkinsons to Tyrone.

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