My name is Ronald Lee Brush, currently a 35-year resident of Texas, USA, but 
native to Indiana, USA. My research of my family tree has taken me back to one 
Richard Brush, who was born circa 1700 either in Ireland, from where he would 
have emigrated to the United States, or was born circa 1700 in Virginia, USA, 
after his father emigrated to the United States. I have reason to believe that 
his father also was named Richard Brush, born circa 1675 in County Tyrone, 
Ireland.  I found reference to someone I believe is this person in the website 
of the County Tyrone Ireland Genealogy Research. On a page titled "Names of 
Masters of Families in Drumragh Parish 1699," Richard Brush appears as head of 

I am looking for any information regarding these two men and would be happy to 
share the info I have on the Brush lineage leading up to me, born 09.03.1946 in 
Indiana, USA, with a Brush family history that traces back through Indiana, 
Kentucky, Virginia and then, apparently, Ireland if in fact I can confirm the 
links I suspect.

My heartfelt thanks to anyone with any information regarding my genealogical 
quest.  Regards -- Ron
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