Hi Janet

Thank you for the kind words about my farming answer. The rule is never 
ask a farmer about something related to  farming unless you are having 
trouble sleeping.

The farthest I have gone back on my family tree is John " 
McCoy-4704"1766-1866, you can find John and Mary Gadys (Gaddes) on 
Wikitree.  Evidence strongly suggest to me that they came from Pomeroy 
Tyrone but I have yet to be able to make a conclusive paper connection 
so I have not included these details  in Wikitree. John and Mary could 
not read or write and so the name is some what fluid, being spelled 
phonetically by who ever the local official they need paper work done 
by. I suspect our family came via Ballymena area but that is just a 
guess based on similar names in the area and a known route that early 
Scottish people flowed from their home land. Hope that helps and we can 
finds some common ancestor.


Ron McCoy

On 2018-10-18 9:30 PM, Janet Fairless via CoTyroneList wrote:
> Hello All,
> I just wanted to thank Marion Shephard for the excellent question and Ron 
> McCoy for the interesting and informative response.
> These sorts of exchanges benefit us all.
> Marion, Ron, I have an interest in the McCays from around the Newtownstewart 
> area in the Parish of Ardstraw, Co.Tyrone. Is there anywhere that either of 
> you have your early to mid 19th Century family trees available for perusal?
> I have found a distant DNA connection between my Wilson’s and the McCay’s 
> from that region, and would love to be able to join the dots.
> With gratitude for your questions and answers.
> Janet Fairless (nee Wilson)
> Brisbane
> Australia
> (Researching my Wilson’s from townland of Cavandarragh/Whitehouse from the 
> early 1800’s)
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