The 72 was raised in the western Highlands by the Mackenzie's in 1778. The 
regiment moved to Ireland in 1801 as part of the Napoleon wars. The first 
battalion was sent to South Africa in 1805. In 1816 first and second battalion 
are sent to India. They  returned from India in March of 1822. The highland 
distinction was removed from them in 1809 when they were renamed the 72 of 
foot. In 1823 they got their highland distinction back, and in June of 1828 
they went to South Africa. They saw battle in Xhosa wars. They returned home in 
1840. It is a very interesting  my Great Great Grandfather was Wm Vaughan of 
the 100th Reg. of foot out of Belfast. His grand children married Reilly's, 
they took land grants at the end of the war of 1812 in Canada. Hope some of 
that may have been of some interest.


Ron McCoy

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