The stir-about pot was hung on a swiveledarm over the open fire, and the 
housewife just dropped anything available intoit. Mainly potatoes and oats, and 
sometimes the odd onion. Meat was a rarity,though rabbits and so on were an 
occasional bonus.  It all went in together. Pretty basic stuff.

For those of a sentimental inclination, thestirabout pot gets a mention in the 
splendid cheesy old Percy French song: “TheEmigrant’s letter” (sometimes known 
as Cutting the Corn in Creeslough) written some time about 1890, about sailing 
asan emigrant from Derry to Quebec.

Guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye, BridieGallagher gives it her best here:



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  Following on from the items extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs 
covering the habits and food of our Tyrone forebears, some clarification will 
be useful as to stirabout and flummery having received several off list 
queries:   STIRABOUT is a porridge made from oatmeal or cornmeal boiled in milk 
or water and stirred   FLUMMERY is a soft jelly or porridge made with flour or 
meal   Regards,Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia      Sent from Mail for 
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