Jim- the microfilm searches I am doing is my own research but I am happy to 
share as time permits. I would not dream of transcribing with out your help as 
I do not know what is and is not copy written or how it would be  properly 
transcribed. I am looking for the most information I can glean. The people of 
the 100th/99th are the fore fathers of the people who I grew up with including 
my Great, Great Grandfather Sergent William Vaughan. I am please that others 
are also interested and possibly getting useful information on their families.


Ron McCoy

On 2019-03-04 10:16 a.m., Jim McKane wrote:
Ron - thanks for your kind comments and offer to transcribe. Before you tackle 
transcribing, it would be better if you check with me so we're sure your format 
will transfer to the website without a problem.

BTW, that website like I put on the page may be helpful as well.

Good Luck

Jim M
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