On Mon 01/May/2017 13:43:09 +0200 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> what is the easiest way to allow users to creat throw-away emails?
> I do this somehow over aliases, but when I  change/delete  one,  I  have
> always to run makealiases.  I do not really like  the  idea,  to  run  a
> bashscript from cron all 5 min which check the users aliasses files  and
> execute makealiasses if a changement has been detected.

Best thing is to have an utility synthesize a throw-away address and insert it
directly in the users database, possibly along with some annotation.  Rather
than develop that, I subscribed to trashmail.com.  The feature I had little
desire to develop and maintain is the firefox addon that implements the "paste
disposable address" command.  It is too convenient not to use it.

I asked them about getting their functionality on my server, and Stephen 

    Using its own server is better to have the full control. The only solution
    I see for that would be to install a full clone of TrashMail.net with its
    complete API. I was thinking already about that to propose this as
    business solution. [...]


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