Michelle Konzack writes:

On 2017-05-02 06:58:40 Sam Varshavchik hacked into the keyboard:
> Michelle Konzack writes:
> >Removing "~/.courier-default" and use  instead  "~/.courier-<something>"
> >would be a better  solution  but  require  root  rights  (sudo?)  to  be
> >installed from a webinterface...
> Well, it requires the rights to create files in ~; not root but
> whichever userid owns that directory.

Already discovered...  ;-)

I was not aware, that courier allow this.

What, the existence of the .courier files themselves? They've been around for decades, with their functionality identical to the same functionality in Qmail, which has the same exact concept.

The fact that they can be created at will – we'll they're just files, that's all.

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