Hi All-

I am trying to better understand the role and responsibilities of a 
community manager/tummler for some research/writing I am doing about 
coworking. I am a postdoc at Georgia Tech and find the very limited 
academic research on coworking to be disconnected from the way you all 
think about it. I posted these questions elsewhere, but didn't get much of 
a response, so hopefully you all can help. So my questions are:

1) Is the role of community manager/tummler necessary in a coworking space, 
and why?
2) What are the top five responsibilities of a community manager/tummler?
3) What tasks do community managers/tummlers perform?

I am not looking for a definitive answer, but individual perspectives and 
opinions from your experiences in coworking communities. Thanks for any 
help in advance.

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