Thanks, Jen.

I have a follow up for you (and anyone else): 

What does "connecting the members" entail exactly? Are you doing keeping 
abreast of member needs (if so, how) and providing introductions, or is it 
more involved and diverse of an activity? Also how often do you engage in 
connecting in comparison to the other responsibilities?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.


On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 4:54:22 PM UTC-4, 
> Hi Thomas!
> I used to be the Community/Operations are my thoughts....
> 1) If you are trying to create a community, yes absolutely. I found that 
> people want to connect with others but often times need a push to actually 
> do it. Having a community manager that knows everyone in the space, even 
> just a little, makes it easier for them to help facilitate those 
> connections. Also, in my position, I did all of the onboarding, billing, 
> event planning, management of members, etc so yes it was vital to have 
> someone in my position to make sure the space continued to run and collect 
> payments from members.
> 2) 
> 1.Give tours and sign up members
> 2.Connecting the members
> 3. Event Management
> 4. Helping the members with all issues that arise
> 5.Onboarding/billing/keeping the space running
> 3). Greet the members as the arrive and saying goodbye as they leave
> Help members with issues (printing, temperature control etc)
> Plan and promote events
> Answer phones and emails
> Set up tours
> Keep the coffee and tea hot and ready
> Keep the space tidy 
> Respond to members requests
> Continue to find new ways to connect the community
> Hope that helps! 
> Jen
> On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 8:36:12 AM UTC-6, Thomas Lodato wrote:
>> Hi All-
>> I am trying to better understand the role and responsibilities of a 
>> community manager/tummler for some research/writing I am doing about 
>> coworking. I am a postdoc at Georgia Tech and find the very limited 
>> academic research on coworking to be disconnected from the way you all 
>> think about it. I posted these questions elsewhere, but didn't get much of 
>> a response, so hopefully you all can help. So my questions are:
>> 1) Is the role of community manager/tummler necessary in a coworking 
>> space, and why?
>> 2) What are the top five responsibilities of a community manager/tummler?
>> 3) What tasks do community managers/tummlers perform?
>> I am not looking for a definitive answer, but individual perspectives and 
>> opinions from your experiences in coworking communities. Thanks for any 
>> help in advance.

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