Just adding to this thread to announce another coworking space closing 
(Locus Workspace's first location in Prague, Czech Republic). We're not out 
of business, just consolidating from two to one space. And ultimately it 
was a great thing. But it was our first location and really a difficult 
choice to make. Anyway, here's a blog post about the sadness that came with 
closing the space 
Running that space was a really important part of my life, and much of it 
would not have been possible without the inspiration, ideas, and general 
good will that came from this group.


On Monday, February 9, 2015 at 8:32:37 AM UTC+1, OphelieR wrote:
> Thanks Andy for sharing these data. In our coworking the trend is a bit 
> different. 
> The average churn rate is 5% on all our memberships except the full time 
> coworking (different from resident/dedicated desk) which has a churn rate 
> of 8%. We don't have data around the main reason for living, it's something 
> we're putting in place at the moment but basically if someone cancel from 
> full time coworking it doesn't necessarily mean they will upgrade to 
> resident desk or downgrade to part time.
> Moreover, the number of full time coworker is much lower compare to our 
> resident members or part time coworkers. I was discussing this with another 
> coworking space owner at the GCUC in Bali last week and they had a similar 
> issues. 
> Is it something other coworking spaces are experiencing with full time 
> coworker ? Does anyone have any explanation for this ?
> On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 10:14:37 AM UTC+8, Alex Hillman wrote:
>> I'm sure I'm not the only person on this group who has google alerts set 
>> up for the words "coworking" and, sigh, "co-working". 
>> Between the number of new space announcements that show up in those 
>> alerts, Deskmag's reporting on coworking growth trends, and many amazing 
>> success stories that we've all been privy to seeing unfold, there's no 
>> doubt in any of our minds that coworking isn't disappearing any time soon.
>> But speckled in the success stories are sadder ones. Coworking spaces who 
>> struggled and failed. 
>> Another one hit my Google Reader tonight, in St Louis. Hence this email 
>> and this project being spurred right now. 
>> On one hand, the *business of coworking *is susceptible to all of the 
>> rules of starting a new business - there's going to be a failure rate. Not 
>> every business is meant to be. The rate at which I hear about closings is 
>> increasing, but it's hard to tell if it's growing in or out of proportion 
>> of openings.
>> Between coworking spaces that struggle to keep the lights on and 
>> coworking spaces that have closed (for good or bad reasons), there's 
>> patterns in closures that I personally find very interesting, far more 
>> interesting in "new hotness variations" on the coworking models.
>> The pattern-watcher that I am, I see *some *things, but I need more 
>> information to start building a hypothesis that can be proven or disproven.
>> I can't do this alone. If you've started and closed a coworking space, 
>> been a member of a coworking space that struggled and failed, or are simply 
>> a passionate observer who saw an unfortunate closing, please take a few 
>> minutes to help fill out this survey:
>> https://indyhall.wufoo.com/forms/coworking-space-closings/
>> This information is personal and potentially sensitive. I don't expect 
>> all of the replies to include names or all of the details. Many people on 
>> this list have shared their personal stories before, and we should all be 
>> thankful for that. 
>> The best solution I could come up with is to choose how anonymous you 
>> would like to be. 
>> *1) The name and email address fields are optional and will ONLY be used 
>> to reconnect with the submitter for more information.*
>> *2) The final required question asks for your consent to share the data 
>> you enter, beside the optional name/email fields which are anonymous by 
>> default. In case you have an alternate preference, you can specify it in 
>> "other".*
>> There's researchers on the list, so if there's other fields that you 
>> think I should include (or better ways to collect the same data), I'm all 
>> ears.
>> *Even if you're not aware of closings you can share about, I need help 
>> getting the word out about this project. *I'm hoping for some assistance 
>> from Steve King & Team Deskmag since I know this stuff is already on their 
>> radar. If there's anyone else already studying this (all of the quiet grad 
>> students on this list, I'm looking at you), I'd love to share work 
>> reciprocally. 
>> My goal is to organize this information and share some hypothesis that we 
>> all study together and share back again, overall helping the ecosystem not 
>> just learn from successes but also avoid repeating historic failure 
>> patterns.
>> My hope is to be buried under a mountain of responses and have to recruit 
>> some of you to help me dig myself out :)
>> Thanks y'all.
>> -Alex
>> -- 
>> /ah
>> indyhall.org
>> coworking in philadelphia
>> build amazing communities: masterclass.indyhall.org

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