Have you considered locating your space just outside the edge of the 
revitalization area? Fort Collins has seen great success activating 
"blighted" neighborhoods with coworking and shared spaces of all kinds. It 
keeps the rent down but positions you well as new things pop up around you.


On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 12:19:20 PM UTC-6, da...@donelsoncommons.com 
> We are pretty set on the geographical boundaries where we want to locate 
> our space. The area is getting ready to go through a Tier 1 revitalization 
> push from our local government. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. 
> Right now we are very limited in what space is available, and the property 
> owners know whats coming down the pike and are sitting on things. We met 
> with one local owner who has 23 properties in the area, not willing to sell 
> one of them (which is what the investors we've met with so far would like 
> to have happen). Then there is the 6 to 8 month backlog of permits from the 
> same government.
> Once everything is said and done the neighborhood will be awesome, and our 
> coworking space will be a central part of it once the growing pains are 
> passed.
> On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 9:23:44 PM UTC-5, 
> da...@donelsoncommons.com wrote:
>> Greetings all!
>> My wife and I are in the final planning phases of starting our new 
>> coworking venture in Nashville Tn. We have several in town currently, but 
>> not anywhere on our side of town. So far the initial response from the 
>> community as a whole has been all positive. We are working on the financial 
>> projections, size of space needed (our first building was put under 
>> contract prior to us being able to move forward)
>> The questions I'm having trouble finding answers to are
>> What is the average size of a coworking space vs how many memberships 
>> offered in that location.
>> What is the average vacancy factor in a coworking space. I know this 
>> number will most likely be geographically specific, but we are working with 
>> a commercial real estate broker/architect to plan out the most efficient 
>> use of the space at hand so "close enough" should do. WE don't want to lock 
>> in on 10000 square feet if we can offer the same experience to our members 
>> with 6000
>> Thanks for your help in advance

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