Be sure to do a lot of google research on all of them. Greenspaces is well 
established in Colorado and Work Bar is one of the OG spaces in Boston. 
Even though you're in a different part of the world, google cares little 
for that :)

On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 4:33:22 PM UTC-6, wrote:
> Hi all 
> My friends and I are planning a coworking space in Poland and it's going 
> be a pretty green theme (you know the classic hipster look: Edison lights, 
> lots of plants, exposed ductwork, large common spaces, glass & natural 
> light, etc. etc.) 
> We're trying to settle on name and have a few candidates. Does anyone have 
> any opinions on which they like most (and ideally least) here? 
> Greenhouse Coworking 
> Greenpoint 
> Work Bar 
> Lights & Plants Company 
> Greenspace 
> Zielone Bioro (Green Office) 
> Zielony Domek (Green Cottage) 
> Bioro Bureau 
> Frontier 
> New Horizon 
> City Spot 
> Thanks a bunch! 

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