Dear all,

The results of today’s racing are available here: 
Notes from the Umpires

The CUCBC Commitees are extremely grateful to everyone who gave up their 
evening and morning to help shovel and grit the towpath. It was a major 
organisational and logistical accomplishment, and racing would not have gone 
ahead today without you. Thank You!
Assuming racing can go ahead tomorrow, it is essential that crews marshal on 
time, as the Chief Umpires would like to start the guns of each division as 
soon as everyone is on station. We can't do that if the next division is not 
all pulled in on time.
Please remember that the first division of the day (M4/W4) tomorrow is at 12:40.

Clare M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
Emma W2 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
Emmanuel W1 - Escessive Bank Party - £30
Emmanual W1 - Tactical crab to prevent bumping and enable overbump - Master 
Tactician Achievement Unlocked!
Emmanuel M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
First and Third W1 - Late to marshalling - £20
First and Third W1 - Easying upon being bumped - £30
First and Third M1 - Failure to clear - £30
Girton M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
King's W1 - Late to marshalling - £20
Lady Margaret M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
Lady Margaret M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
Lucy Cavendish W2 - Failure to pay lifejacket hire charge - a nicer bottle of 
Murray Edwards W1 - Failure to clear effectively - £20
Pembroke M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
Pembroke M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £45
Robinson M1 - Early Celebration - £20
Robinson M1 - Failure to clear - £30
Wolfson M1 - Late to marshalling - £10
All fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer 
( <>), within 48 hours 
of this email being sent.

Also, in all the excitement, we didn’t get to send out Wednesday’s fines. I 
include them below. Same deadline for appeals as today’s fines.
(Wednesday) Fines

Homerton W2 - Escessive Bank Party - £30
Homerton M2 - Illegal practice start - £50
Homerton M2 - Rowing into a stationary crew - £40
Queens' W2 - Failure to concede - £50
Queens' W2 - Dangerous Coxing - £50
St. Catharine's W2 - Failure to easy - £50
Wolfson M2 - Excessive bank party - £30
Best wishes,
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