Dear all
with massive thanks to all involved again, towpath clearance is now almost 
complete, and we confirm that racing will take place as planned today for all 
divisions. The first race will be at 1240, and crews for that division should 
aim to be on their stations by 10 mintutes before that (1230), which will we 
hope enable us to complete the 'split' division without delaying the subsequent 
A couple of reminders:
please can all crews marshall promptly for their divisions during the day. As 
yesterday, we aim to start each divsion as soon as practicable after all crews 
are on station, and to do so we need to know the next division is marshalled on 
It being Saturday, as well with the continuiing cold (but improved) conditions, 
we will not be considering rerows today (unless, possibly, we had to restart 
almost an entire division after a problem right at the start)
We will provisionally return to a bank part size of a MAXIMUM of four cycles, 
but will monitor how well this works in the early divisions. Be aware that, 
whatever the bank party size permitted, any 'extra' cyclists MUST NOT cycle 
anywhere in the division and can only follow up the towpath at the end behind 
all racing crews. Infringements of this will be severely penalised as it is 
very clear this continues to be a safety issue in the current conditions.
Please be aware that, although thaw is now happening, many roads and pavements, 
as well as boat house hards, may still be very icy, so take great care when 
coming to either boathouses or the river. And, finally, again wear and carry 
appropriate warm clothing.
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