Mark Wedel wrote:

>   One could even see the tavern closing down (people can not enter it), which 
> would force a reset sooner.  Could be said that new workers need to be found, 
> damage repaired, etc.

I assume this would apply also to stores where the merchant is represented by
a NPC inside the store (for example in Pupland)?

Sounds like it could be a possibility for players to get stuck inside "closed"
locations without normal players being able to help them from the outside.

Tread carefully unless we are sure none contain structures (like door
mechanisms which can only be opened from one side or that require payment or
special items) where one can get stuck. Maybe players could be ejected from
the area when this happens, but this is again a bit risky as some special
stores have monsters etc. around them?

Apropos, have we been thinking of general solutions to situations like this,
even spells like word of recall (which not all players have) can be unusable
in no spells areas? For example, I've once become stuck inside the Devourers'
temple cellar, when I mistakenly re-flipped the door opening lever and ran
through the closing door into the vampire hideout. Yes, I can see how having a
lever also on the inside would mean the curious vampires would sooner than
later use it, but it was a bit of a bummer being stuck in there with vampires
on the outside (so I could not just create a new character to open the door),
and nobody else on the game to give me a hand...

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