Hi everyone,

I've noticed that the files available from the project's SourceForge
download page have become very haphazardly organized. I think that it's
time for someone to consider tidying things up a bit. Here are a few
ideas that I've considered:

* Drop the 'crossfire-' prefix from folder names
We know this is Crossfire, even the URL reveals this.

* Organize the root directory by release version number
Good: Makes stuff from a single release easy to find.
Bad: Some stuff doesn't come out every release, so it's harder to find.

* Delete (or mark obsolete) the 'crossfire-editor' folder.
>From what I understand, it's somewhat obsolete now. Perhaps put a copy
of a recent Gridarta editor there instead?

* Don't segregate Windows client/server stuff
I don't see why they can't be put together; saves some clutter.

At the same time, I realize that indiscriminately moving around
distfiles breaks stuff for users and distribution packagers (e.g.
FreeBSD port, which I maintain). Still, I feel that we should make an
attempt to keep the downloads fairly organized?

Thoughts? Comments? Hate mail?

Kevin Zheng
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