On 04/25/13 07:00 PM, Kevin Zheng wrote:
On 04/25/2013 15:28, Rick Tanner wrote:
On 4/24/13 11:16 PM, Kevin Zheng wrote:

I've noticed that the files available from the project's
SourceForge download page have become very haphazardly organized.
I think that it's time for someone to consider tidying things up
a bit.

Just to make sure, do you mean this page?


Yes! Sorry for not making that clear...

So when 1.70.0 was released, you can see that all the files (server, client, maps, etc) were placed under the crossfire-1.70.0 - it was a while since I did that, but I think some of the reason is as you describe - it makes sense for all the files for a release to be under one directory. I also think it might of had something to do with how sourceforge presented the information, and it was simply more work to put each one in its own directory.

However, I didn't have the motivation to go back and fix all the other entries - if a CLI to the directory structure is available, probably not that hard (a few mkdirs here, a few mvs there), but if it all has to be done by the web interface, sort of an annoying process.

Removing the crossfire- prefix on the directory name could be done - I don't feel strongly one way or the other on that. I would say that the names of the actual tar archives may make more sense to rename, eg, arch-1.70.0.tar.gz, maps-1.70.0.tar.gz, etc. The only issue with that is for sites that mirror it and don't put it in an appropriately named folder.

And it may make sense just to always/only do the archives in bz2 format, as that has been out long enough that it would seem unlikely that systems are lacking that ability

The CrossfireEditor (crossfire-editor folder) is the gridarta based editor - the crossfire specific version vs the daimonin specific one. IIRC, the reason that was in a different folder is that its version numbering is different. I'm not sure the best way to handle that - putting in an editor-0.9 in the crossfire-1.70.0 directory just seems sort of odd from a numbering standpoint.

I believe the main reason the windows client & server were in separate directories is that the packagers of those were different people, and thus the timing of their release did not always correspond to the release of the other files. But I don't think there is any reason the maintainers/REs of those files couldn't put them in the same version directory.

More likely, it is more history - back when each component (arch, client, server, sounds) had its own directory, having a directory specific for windows or linux rpm files made perfect sense. But if we are moving to putting all the files for a given release in a single directory, then the windows and linux rpm files should be put in that same directory.

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