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On 02/06/2015 03:20 AM, sri sowj wrote:
> Please can you let me know is there any updated documents which discusses
> about following concerns:
> #1: Patch and integration procedure for openssl  support with
> cryptodev-linux
> #2:Support for asymmetric algorithms in cryptodev-linux
> #3:Any samples (Symmetric/Asymmetric) which uses openssl to communicate to
> the kernel using cryptodev-linux
> I am trying to find this info since a week/ two, I was not able to get any
> documentation which talks complete about atleast one of the above mentioned
> issues.

Cryptodev itself does not implement any algorithms. It delegates all the
crypto operations to Linux crypto API. It supports symmetric algorithms
as they are available in Linux kernel but there is minimal coverage for
asymmetric ones.

On the other hand, your question is too broad and asks about several
loosely related topics. It is true though that the documentation is
sparse at best - you won't find any "primer" document that will direct
you in your searches.

You can try to read the source code of openssl (eng_cryptodev.c) and
gnutls to see how they use cryptodev to execute crypto operations. The
examples folder in cryptodev can also help.

Cristian S.

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