On 04/17/2015 10:16 PM, sri sowj wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does cryptodev has any dependencies  on flags mentioned  in ".config" file.
> looks like it has dependency on "Disable run-time self

No, there is no dependency on Linux kernel crypto tests. You can enable or 
disable them and cryptodev driver will still

> I have tried executing an openssl command by installing cryptodev.ko
> module both by enabling and disabling Disable run-time self tests from
> "make menuconfig"

Openssl commands have no dependency on Linux kernel crypto tests either.

> When I disabled it I was not able to see any logs from Crypto HW
> engine driver ,but when I selected or enabled the option I was able to
> see the debug statements.

I'm not sure what you saw.
The first time you execute a Linux crypto algorithm, Linux crypto API will run 
the tests (if enabled) on that algorithm.
You will probably see something on dmesg.
This is regardless of the method that executed the algorithm. In your case, 
openssl will try to see what algorithms are
available in the kernel and that will trigger the tests. You may see that the 
tests are triggered also by algorithm
module loading.
This is the way Linux crypto behaves. It has nothing to do with cryptodev or 

Cristian S.

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