Hi Phil,

> I really have no idea where you're heading at with this. But without further
> context, it doesn't make any sense to me. If you have a functional
> enhancement up your sleeve, I suggest submitting that along with this
> change so I get an idea of what this is all about.

Of course, these patches have some context.

I'm playing with the code to speed up hashing operations.
For now I want to see if there is a simple design that will make better use of 
the Linux Crypto API which has both 
'init-update-final' and 'digest' operations.
One objective is to have less ioctl calls and avoid unnecessary init-updates 
where a single digest will do.

Currently I have a CIOCHASH ioctl that is identical to CIOCCRYPT but only for 
hashing. In the current form it is faster for my test cases but needs some 
clarifications on API.

I can send some code to discuss design ideas if you are interested.

Cristian S.

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