Hi Phil,

In the next couple of weeks I'm busy with another project and I can't allocate 
this issue the time it deserves. I'll get back to you after I setup a test with 
this kernel and have a better look at the code.

Cristian S.

From: Phil Sutter <p...@nwl.cc>
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 1:35:20 PM
To: Cristian Stoica
Cc: cryptodev-linux-devel@gna.org
Subject: tests/cipher-gcm crashes kernel


Testing cryptodev on a recent kernel (4.10.0), I get an oops when
running tests/cipher-gcm. It fails with the last entry in
aes_gcm_vectors (the one with auth data).

I couldn't find out yet where the problem comes from, but looking at
cryptodev_cipher_auth(), it seems like we miss attaching auth_sg to the
request for newer kernels.

Looking at the kernel changes introduced by commit 81c4c35eb61a6
("crypto: ccm - Convert to new AEAD interface"), it seems that auth_sg
has to be appended to src_sg via sg_chain(). Though that might be
unrelated to the actual crash cause.

Could you have a look?

Thanks, Phil

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