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>> > It seems that something like a smartcard would be the best scheme.
>> Not likely.  Voting is very different from banking transactions.  And
>> issuing smartcards with special software for voting is likely to be
>> prohibitively expensive.
>Hmmm, I have a "voter registration card" and I believe that is the case
>across the USA. Current smartcards are not very protective of their private
>data and I think the security requirements for vote-only cards would be even
>less stringent. Finally, those folks at the MIT Media lab are printing
>digital circuits onto plastic using "semiconductor ink".

Which state is that? Are you required to produce the card at the 
polls? Voter registration cards usually refer to the form you fill 
out when registering to vote. See for example There are no voter ID cards in 
Massachusetts and weren't in New York when I lived there.  I was 
under the impression that requiring registered voters to produce 
identification at the polls was impermissible in the US.

Arnold Reinhold

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