> The voting apparatus may keep a serial record of each vote, in
> order, for auditing purposes.  This is also mentioned in WAS's
> legislative text.

Good lord no.  Here in NY, the inspectors write down each voter's name
on a log sheet with the names numbered in order, and write down the
numbers in the voter book to make it easier to cross-check who voted.
The log sheet has four or five NCR copies so that party poll watches
can have copies.  (The poll watchers use them to cross-check their
list of registered voters so they know hasn't voted and so know who to
call and remind them.)  Obviously, the ballot is only secret because
the equipment does NOT track the order in which votes were cast.

Call me a sort of a Luddite, but I would like a system where you vote
by pushing buttons of some sort, then the machine prints up a paper
ballot with your choices on it in an OCR font or something else that
is easily readable by both people and machines, and you can either
release the ballot into the box if it's right, or put it into a
discard pile and try again.  Then the machine forgets everything, and
they count the paper ballots to see who won.

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