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As some of you know, I'm working on a book titled `Intro to applied cryptography for secure communication and commerce. It takes much longer than planned (but I'm still hoping to finish it one day!). Anyway, I've removed much of the chapters from the book site while I'm revising them, but... I've now put there (http://amir.herzberg.name/book.html) detailed lectures (foils) covering most of the material. I've also put few chapters and hope to add the rest gradually... I hope this will be of some use and welcome your feedback and suggestions; also if you ask, I'll put you on a list of people to inform when I add chapters. I can also post to the list when I add significant new content.

Here is the list of lectures and chapters at this point:

Introduction to cryptography and security
Ciphers and Pseudo-Random Permutations
Secure, Randomized Encryption and PRG
Hashing, One Way Functions and Commitment; Continue
Authentication and shared key distribution
Public Key Cryptography
Digital Signatures and Certificates
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Resiliency to penetrations and exposure cont': Proactive Security
Internet Security: intrustions, firewalls, Clogging (DOS)
Standards, I: Transaction Layer Security (TLS & SSL)
Standards, II: Internet Layer/Protocol security (IP-sec)
Standards, III: XML & Security
Trusted Third Party Protocols: notarization, certified delivery, escrow, time-stamping,...
Secure Payments and Banking

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amir Herzberg http://amir.herzberg.name

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