Hi Jill,

To add to Perry's note, I think Eric's book is very good, and I've also
been reading "Network Security with OpenSSL", an O'Reilly book by Viega,
Messier, and Chandra -it's been exceedingly helpful in understanding and
working with openssl.


| Hi,
| I've been following the SSL thread with great interest, but the truth is I
| don't know enough about SSL to add anything meaningful to the discussion.
| But this much remains true: I'm a competent programmer, and I know enough
| about crypto to put together some basic algorithms (like the early PGPs I
| guess). However, the complexity of the OpenSSL library has me stumped.
| (Plus, it's Unix-centric. I'd like to turn it into a Visual Studio
port so I
| could compile without needing cygwin, gcc, etc., but that's another
| I'm not going to complain. That's been done to death here. Instead, I
have a
| different question: Where can I learn about SSL?
| As in, could someone reccommend a good book, or online tutorial, or
| something, somewhere, that explains it all from pretty much first
| principles, and leaves you knowing enough at the end to be able to make
| sensible use of OpenSSL and similar? I don't want a "For Dummies" type
| - as I said, I'm reasonably competent - but I would really like access
to a
| helpful tutorial. I want to learn. So what's the best thing to go for?
| Jill
| [Moderator's Note: Eric Rescorla (aka "Ekr") wrote an entire book on
| the topic which is pretty much definitive on the general topic of
| SSL/TLS. As for OpenSSL itself, as a package that changes from release
| to release, only its own documentation is 100% definitive. --Perry]
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