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    Ian Grigg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Instead, I have a
> > different question: Where can I learn about SSL?
> Most people seem to think the RFC is unreadable,
> so ...
> > As in, could someone reccommend a good book, or online tutorial, or
> > something, somewhere, that explains it all from pretty much first
> > principles, and leaves you knowing enough at the end to be able to make
> > sensible use of OpenSSL and similar? I don't want a "For Dummies" type book
> > - as I said, I'm reasonably competent - but I would really like access to a
> > helpful tutorial. I want to learn. So what's the best thing to go for?
> I am reading Eric Rescorla's book at the moment,
> and if you are serious about SSL, it is worth the
> price to get the coverage.  It's well written,
> and relatively easy to read for a technical book.
> It costs a steep $50.  It's not a "For Dummies."
> You have to be comfortable with all sorts of things
> already.
Thanks for the kind words.

Actually, the price should be $40 US. That's the price at Amazon.

> It's giving me the intellectual capital to attack
> the engineering failures therein and surrounding
> the deployment of same.  Maybe Eric will offer me
> $100 for my annotated copy just to shut me the
> f**k up ;-)   I've so far discovered ....
No payoffs, but I'd love to know what you've discovered :)


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