Steve Schear wrote:

> By combining a mandated digital cash system for contributions, a cap on the
> size of each individual contribution (perhaps as small as $100), randomized
> delays (perhaps up to a few weeks) in the "posting" of each transaction to
> the account of the counter party, it could create mix conditions which
> would thwart the ability of contributors to easily convince candidates and
> parties that they were the source of particular funds and therefore
> entitled to special treatment.

How would you audit such a system?  I'm not that up
on political cash, but I would have expected that there
would be a need to figure out where money was coming
from, by some interested third party at least.

Also there would be a need to prove that the funds
were getting there, otherwise, I'd be the first to
jump in there and run the mix.  Or, the mint.


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