Now that the waters have been muddied (by several of us). My point was that
3D-Secure (and SET and whatever else comes along) covers a different
position in the system than SSL does (or can). As such they do have a
purpose, even though they may be horribly bloated and nearly non-functional.
Visa at least seems to be supporting the 3D-Secure concept (they should,
they developed it), and looks like anyone can grab the spec from . SET seems to be a
bit more elusive, although still available from . Mastercard SecureCode
appears to be the current direction for MasterCard it's available at . All of these differ in
target from SSL in the same way, they are designed to address the
Buyer-Issuer link (although some not as simply as others, e.g. SET). And yes
I am using a much simplified view of the credit card transaction, with only
3 (buyer, seller, issuer) parties instead of the absurd number actually
present in a real transaction (buyer seller, issuer, accepter, processor,
central card distributor, plus whoever I missed), I did this for clarity.

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