martin f krafft wrote:

> So MagiQ and others claim that the technology is theoretically
> unbreakable. How so? If I have 20 bytes of data to send, and someone
> reads the photon stream before the recipient, that someone will have
> access to the 20 bytes before the recipient can look at the 20
> bytes, decide they have been "tampered" with, and alert the sender.

This is not relevant when the technology is correctly used for Q key
transmission because the sender would not be in the dark (sorry for the
double pun) for so long.

> So I use symmetric encryption and quantum cryptography for the key
> exchange... the same situation here. Maybe the recipient will be
> able to tell the sender about the junk it receives, but Mallory
> already has read some of the text being ciphered.

This should not happen in a well-designed system. The sender sends
the random key in the Q channel in such a way that compromises in
key transmission are detected before the key is used.

That said, Q cryptography is something else and should not be confused
with Q key distribution.

Ed Gerck

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