Lynn and John Saylior have raised an important point. 

Who at Baltimore, or was once there, is likely to be able to
account for the security of the certs for customers who
still rely upon them? Not somebody to spin a fairy tale, but to 
truthfully explain what Baltimore has done to avoid betraying
the trust of its customers, or handing that trust over to others
who may not have Baltimore's scruples or be bound by its

Not that Baltimore's investors would give a hoot, but
customers might want to know who to challenge about
their private, once secure, data.

This matter is important for it is a bellweather of what's
to come with failure of other trusted parties or who or
bought by less scrupulous if more financially endowed
than always absolutely trustworthy crypto corporations.

The recent stink about betrayal of customer data with 
JetBlue, Acxiom and eBay is timely.

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