On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 02:34:23PM -0400, Ian Grigg wrote:

> Don Davis wrote:
> > note that customers aren't usually dissatisfied with
> > the crypto protocols per se;  they just want the
> > protocol's implementation to meet their needs exactly,
> > without extra baggage of flexibility, configuration
> > complexity, and bulk.
> Including extra functionality means that they have
> to understand it, they have to agree with its choices,
> they have to follow the rules in using it, and have
> to pay the costs.  If they can ditch the stuff they
> don't want, that means they are generally much safer
> in making simple statements about the security model
> that they have left.

You clearly formulated what we are doing! We want to keep our crypto as
simple and to the point as necessary for tinc. We also want to
understand it ourselves. Implementing our own authentication protocol
helps us do all that.

Uhm, before getting flamed again: by "our own", I don't mean we think we
necessarily have to implement something different from all the existing
protocols. We just want to understand it so well and want to be so
comfortable with it that we can implement it ourselves.

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