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>                       Number 039 (03.39)
>                  Thursday, October 2, 2003
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>*** {03.39.004} Cross - OpenSSL ASN.1 parsing vulns
>OpenSSL versions 0.9.6j and 0.9.7b (as well as prior) contain multiple
>bugs in the parsing of ASN.1 data, leading to denials of services. The
>execution of arbitrary code is not yet confirmed, but it has not been
>ruled out.

This is the second significant problem I have seen in applications that use
ASN.1 data formats.  (The first was in a widely deployed implementation of
SNMP.)  Given that good, security conscience programmers have difficultly
getting ASN.1 parsing right, we should favor protocols that use easier to
parse data formats.

I think this leaves us with SSH.  Are there others?

Cheers - Bill

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