perry wrote:
>> We could use more implementations of ssl and
>> of ssh, no question.
>> ...more cleanly implemented and simpler to use
>> versions of existing algorithms and protocols...
>> would be of tremendous utility.

jill ramonsky replied:
> I am very much hoping that you can answer both (a)
> and (b) with a yes, in which case I will /definitely/
> get on with recoding SSL:
> Is it possible for Bob to instruct his browser to 
> (a) refuse to trust anything signed by Eve, and
> (b) to trust Alice's certificate  (which she handed
>     to him personally)? (And if so, how?)

how it's done depends on the browser:

in Moz 1.0:  Edit > Preferences... > Privacy & Security >
             Certificates > Manage Certificates >
            {Authorities, Web Sites}

in MSIE 5:   Edit > Preferences.., > Web Browser >
             Security > Certificate Authorities

            (there seems to be no way to tell MSIE 5 to
             trust Alice's server cert for SSL connections,
             except to tell MSIE 5 to trust Alice's CA.)

in NS 4.75:  Communicator > Tools > Security Info >
             Certificates > {Signers, Web Sites}

                                        - don davis, boston


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