>>> Is it possible for Bob to instruct his browser to
>>> (b) to trust Alice's certificate (which she handed
>>>     to him personally)? (And if so, how?)

>> how it's done depends on the browser:
>> in MSIE 5:  (there seems to be no way to tell MSIE 5 to
>>              trust Alice's server cert for SSL connections,
>>              except to tell MSIE 5 to trust Alice's CA.)

> This seems to me to a /serious/ flaw in the design of MSIE. 

well, before dismissing MSIE's cert-mgt completely,
you should check whatever version of MSIE ships on
Win2k/XP .  MSIE 5 is all i have on my mac, because
i very rarely use MSIE.

but, if you want to complain about MSIE's security
features, you'll have to take a number and wait in
line...  B^(

                                - don davis, boston


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